OLR Issue 10

Cover 10

In This Issue:


The Working Class in Britain Today by Jamie Woodcock

In Defence of the Living Wage by Callum Macrae

Work in the 21st Century University by Søren Goard

The Individual Contribution by Ross Speer

The European Crisis by Ed Rooksby

Greece in Crisis: What is Syriza’s Alternative? by Alexander Breton

The Power of Women’s Voices: the Pro Choice Movement in Ireland by Áine Ní Mhainnín

Sociological Portraiture by Mateo Revillo Imbernon

The Bulgarian Revolution by Mirela Ivanova

Freedom Press and the Anarchist Struggle by Olivia Arigho-Stiles

The Liberal Consensus and the Socialist Idea by Peter Hill

Review: Transparenzgesellschaft by Frederike Kaltheuer

Play and the Good Life by Sean Scoltock

Work, Americanism and Rationalisation by Robert Jackson

“Redirect the Energy Flow, Distill the Mass, Give Weight to Time” by Amy Wilson

Why Do Lover’s Break Each Other’s Hearts? (1972) by David Widgery


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