OLR Issue 2

In This Issue:

Editorial: Defining ‘Progress’

Ideology and power by James Stafford

The Art of the Impossible by Dr Ben Jackson

A Crisis of Legitimation by Matthew Kennedy

Aspiration and Afterwards by Peter Hill

Keir Hardie’s Ethical Socialism by Dr Jon Cruddas MP

Hung Parliaments by Dr Kaihsu Tai

Talking Labour by Jeremy Cliffe

Lib Dems: Golden Mean by Roberta Klimt

‘Ethical’ Foreign Policy by Leonie Northedge

Basic Income: a History by Scott Carless

Lessons from Germany by Brian Melican

Models of Cooperation by Cailean Gallagher

The Conservatives’ Queer-Bashing by Hannah Thompson

New Labour’s Ideology by Robin Max McGhee

Defense of Our New Parliament by Matthew Honeyman

Review: What Next for the Left? by Sam Burt

Gender in Dystopia by Marielle Cottee

Future of Amateur Music by Alex Niven

America’s Lost Soul by Tim Wigmore


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