OLR Issue 1

In This Issue:

Equality and Republican Ideals by Samuel Burt

Voter Reform and the Left by Peter Tatchell

An End to Labourism by Stuart White

Call to Scottish Labour by Cailean Gallagher

The Putney Debates by Matthew Kennedy

A Fourth Way for Labour? by Jeremy Cliffe

Germany’s Fragmented Left by Brian Melican

The Return of Keynes by Christopher Jackson

Time for a Tobin Tax by George Irvon

The Science of Copenhagen by Kaihsu Tai

COP15 – Activist’s Perspective by Sophie Lewis

Review: Žižek by Matthew Kennedy

Review: Bennett by Roberta Klimt

Today’s Lost Generation by Noel Hatch



  1. olreview@example.org

    The Science of Copenhagen is by Kaihsu Tai. Please correct the surname of the author.

  2. Just discovered this website, its great, many thanks for sharing everything :)

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