OLR Issue 14

In this issue:

The New Middle Class and the Changing Social Base of Neoliberalism: a First Approximation by Neil Davidson

How do we Recognize Neoliberalism? by Thomas Presskorn-Thygesen

Anti-politics and the Illusions of Neoliberalism by Tad Tietze and Elizabeth Humphrys

Neoliberalism and the Breaking of the English Working Class: an Attempt to Historicise by Matt Myers

Who Makes our Money? Economics and Politics in the Age of Crisis Capitalism by Ole Bjerg

Neoliberalism and Fashion by Tansy Hoskins

Adorno and the Articulation of the Critique of Bourgeois Economics by Callum Macrae

The Death of God and the War on Terror by Terry Eagleton

In the Land of Revelation by Osama Esber

Review by Olivia Arigho Stiles

Review by Jack Pickering

Oedipus is So Bourgeois: Žižek and the Mediating Subject by Luigi Russi

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