I’m exactly twice as old as when I started
Sassy.’ ‘It’s not like I pioneered
taking Ke$ha seriously.’ ‘If I can’t say
“I fucked her,” It’s weird for me.’
separate your tags with a comma:
anal orgasm, oral sex.’ ‘Ten
Diseases You Can Only Catch
From the Cast of Jersey Shore.’
Ways To Talk About Consent.’
‘You are nothing to me but an exercise
in blogging about men.’ ‘Must we all pee on sticks
on camera to be heard?’
is the colour of strawberries and blood.’
‘A toddler and a flying dog
cannot do work intended for an adult
human.’ ‘I have so many feels rn.’
is among the best AI companions
I’ve ever had.’ ‘Slurs include: tr*nny,
sh*male, tr*nsvestite (when used in
the wrong context), he-she, and sometimes it.
‘A pirate’s tits
are like the ocean.’ ‘This
is how I got into Hanson.’ ‘When I quit
the business, I went through my phone
and deleted each and every stage name.’
just a sad case of feels today.’
‘I’m going to stop being trans
and start being: video games.’
‘Is there a part of your body you don’t want touched?’
punk rock sounds like when you’re raised
on bubblegum.’ ‘What does ‘strap on’
spell backwards?’ ‘We should merge the following
under the article title of External Ejaculation:’


Thos. West left Oxford after finishing a Masters in English Literature in 2012. Since then he has spent far too much time on the

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