Inside the Corbyn Campaign

corbyn campaigners

The Oxford Left Review brings you a series of blog articles from activists with Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign for the Labour leadership, from Oxford and around the UK.


Young but not stupid

by Lotte Boumelha

Corbyn phonebank (indy)


Speaking to the heartlands

by Merlin Gable

Corbyn Bryn Serth

How Bloody Dare They

by Peter Hill


Call me indulgent one more time…

by Tessa Frost

Queuing in the rain outside Middlesbrough Town Hall for Corbyn rally 18 Aug

Corbyn on Red Clydeside

by Cailean Gallagher

Corbyn fruitmarket

Report from the Fringes

by Orlando Lazar

Ox stall

Inside the Corbyn Campaign

Who’s involved? What’s the feeling in the room? How are Labour Party members and the public responding? What does this campaign tell us about the changing temper of politics? What are the prospects for the future of the left?

We launch with an account of Corbyn campaigning in Oxford from Orlando Lazar, and an article on Corbyn on Clydeside from Cailean Gallagher, founding editor of the Oxford Left Review.

To follow over the week:

Corbyn’s rally at the Nye Bevan Stones, Ebbw Vale

and much more…

Corbynites from around the country – please contact us with proposals or submissions for further blog pieces!


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